Who is North Korea trading with? (infographic)

Who is North Korea trading with? (infographic)

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It comes as little surprise that China is North Korea’s biggest trading partner, but whom else does the country trade with? According to The Observatory of Economic Complexity, a leading data visualization sitefor international trade data, India ($97.8 m), Pakistan ($43.1 m) and Burkina Faso ($32.8 m) are the top export destinations of North Korea after China ($2.34 b). Likewise, most imports come from China ($2.95 b) but other main partners are India ($108 m), Russia ($78.2 m), Thailand ($73.8 m) and the Philippines ($53.2 m).

With $3.47 billion worth of import value, the communist country is the 141st largest importer in the world. Refined petroleum ($186 m), synthetic filament yarn woven fabric ($138 m) and delivery trucks ($108 m) are the top products, North Korea gets from abroad. North Korea’s main export products include coal briquettes ($952 m) and textiles (non-knit coats & suits).

source: statista



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