Violent clashes between migrants at hotspots escalate on Chios (video)

Violent clashes between migrants at hotspots escalate on Chios (video)

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The incidents of violent fights in refugee hotspots between national groups are rapidly escalating. In the latest episode, a group of Afghani refugees and migrants clashed with Algerians at a refugee hotspot on the island of Chios, Sunday. It all started when a group of migrants and refugees hosted at the VIAL refugee camp decided to relocate to the overcrowded hotspot of Souda, which is located in the city of Chios. This led to them coming up against other groups of migrants hosted at the Souda hotspot, who started confronting them. The skirmish quickly escalated into a full blown conflict between the two groups, with a large number moving towards a nearby tavern. The terrified customers started fleeing the restaurant. In the face of the angry migrants marching on his tavern, the owner fired his shot gun in the air 5 timer to prevent them from entering his business. According to an eyewitness account, the son of the business owner was injured by a rock thrown at him by the migrants. “He wanted to steer them clear of here. They always start fighting among themselves”, the eyewitness added. As local site reports, the owner of the tavern was arrested by the coast guard, while seven people were injured, including the tavern owner, and transferred to hospital. One is in serious condition. The situation was eventually put under control when the special riot police appeared on the scene.


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