Two killed in helicopter crash in Attica

Two killed in helicopter crash in Attica

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Two people were killed when a sprayer helicopter crashed in the Schinias wetlands in southeast Attica on Friday morning at 10am. According to reports, a student on board was the only one of the 3-member crew that managed to survive. The other two were pulled out of the wreckage unconscious, but were pronounced dead while being transported to the hospital. The helicopter was taking part in the mosquito control operations in the eastern Attica region. The Prefect of the region Petros Filiipou explained to how the crash happened. He said it occurred after the end of the spraying session, when a university student participating in the session as part of a 6-month training programme asked if they could go on another round to see the procedure when the helicpter got entangled in electricity cables and crashed to the ground.


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