Turkish nationalistic Facebook post calls for uprising in Thrace!

Turkish nationalistic Facebook post calls for uprising in Thrace!

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A Turkish football fan club  known as ‘ultraslow Yunanistan’, operating in Thrace, Greece uploaded an inflammatory nationalistic post on its official Facebook page calling on all Muslims ‘Turks’ in western Thrace to rise up and protest for their rights on July 24. Local website tourkikanea published the post, which was later taken down. Sports site Gazzeta.gr contacted the    local website and translated the post into Greek which read:

‘Hey Turk of western Thrace! If you want to live and maintain your Turkishnes that constitutes your identity and being! If you want the historic clubs to reopen with their identity! If you want to cry so that our traditional regions be given to us! If you want the elected imams to be recognised and be respected by all! If you do not want your religious freedoms to be affected by the 240 Imam law! If you want the pre-schools to offer bilingual education (Turkish-Greek)! If you do not want teachers from being banned from speaking Turkish in our schools! If you want the insufficient number of minority junior and senior schools to be rise! If you want your children to be taught by graduates from Turkey! If you do not want the minority schools to close down with the pretence of few children! If you want the doors of the state to open to our educated youth! If you want the confiscated but idle lands to be given back! If you want the 3% threshold blocking political representation to be lifted! If you do not want the thieves attacking DEB at in the dark of the night! If you do not want the memory of Dr. Sadik Ahmet to be slandered! If you want the pillages stores in 1990 to be compensated! If you want to end the economic regression of the minority to end! If you want your quality of life to improve and become first class citizens! If you want to serve and love this country as an equal citizen! HEY, TURK OF WESTERN THRACE! It is time to wake from your oblivious slumber! It is time to shout out your demands on the streets! You should know that rights are taken not given! These rights are your, support them! Today is a day of solidarity, a day of togetherness! Support the ‘CLAIM RIGHTS MARCH’ that will take place on July 24 at the DEB offices to the grave of our eternal in memory leader Dr. Sadik Ahmet!’    


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