Turkish F-16s fly over Greek island!

Turkish F-16s fly over Greek island!

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Two Turkish F-16 violated again the Greek airspace, but this time they flew over the small island of Farmakonisi.

Although these violations are not uncommon and are met with the necessary actions by equal number of Greek jets that intercept the Turkish ones, flying over land/islands is an escalation, as it is not considered a violation of rules and regulations but according to the intenational law it is a hostile act that could justify the immidiate shooting down af the fighter jets that fly over the other country’s land.

This is something that indicates that Turkey, once again, is trying to provoke and possibly cause an “accident” that could be used on a diplomatic level in Ankara’s favor or even be used as an excuse for a military action that would fit the strategic goals of Turkey.

The incident took place on Thursday morning at 10:45′ local time, when two F-16s entered the Greek air space over Farmakonisi at an altitude of 24.000 ft., and exited at 10:48′.

It should be noted that the incident took place at the same time the Greek big military exercise “Parmenion” takes place, bringing the possibility of an “accident” ever closer.


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