Turkish bus employee masturbates over sleeping passenger! (video)

Turkish bus employee masturbates over sleeping passenger! (video)

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A public transport employee in Turkey was caught while masturbating over a female passenger on an intercity bus. The incident has caused an outcry in the country, with the female claiming this kind of behaviour reflects the ‘repressive atmosphere against women in Turkey’. According to Turkish newspaper ‘Hurriyet’, the woman woke up screaming while the man was ejaculating over her face! The man simply said he was tempted to do it, without offering any apology at the hearing to the victim. The woman called the police with the help of another passenger, who was a lawyer, and the Turkish authorities apprehended the employee at the next stop. Another Turkish newspaper ’Sun’ claimed the woman was compelled to leave the sperm on her face as evidence for nearly an hour until police arrived! The culprit was set free after being questioned, something that caused the outrage of the public who took to social media to vet their anger against the company.


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