Turkey recalled diplomat accused of espionage from Nertherlands

Turkey recalled diplomat accused of espionage from Nertherlands

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The Turkish government recalled one of its diplomats after the Dutch government started an investigation on him. According to what is known so far, he was collecting information on Dutch citizens of Turkish descent and Turkish immigrants after the failed coup last July.

Yusuf Atzar, was envoy on religious issues as well as head of the Religious Affairs Administration in the Netherlands.

This incident has increased the concern on the path Turkey has taken after the failed coup. The crackdown in Turkey is unprecedented and the Turkish envoy’s activity means that Ankara is expanding the crackdown abroad.

Atzar admitted in a local newspaper that he had a list of “Gülen supporters” based on information from the internet, denying however any accusation of espionage.

The Dutch government proceeded to an official complain to the Turkey which recalled him.

This is the second such incident in Europe this month. Last week a Turkish citizen was arrested in Homburg for spying for Turkey on Kurds living in Germany. The Turkish government accused Germany of fostering members of the PKK. Berlin has denied these accusations.


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