Tsipras: Impressive change for the Greek economy

Tsipras: Impressive change for the Greek economy

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The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke earlier today of an impressive change of the course for the Greek economy and that the country could go independently to the markets by 2017.

Mr. Tsipras argued that the banking system was stabilized with its successful recapitalization, adding that “we are trying really hard so that Greece will be on the epicenter again based on her potential.

He stressed out the importance of the new Investment Fund that will bring liquidity to the market again but also the prospect of recovery to the Greek economy, and he gave thanks to the European Commision for its valuable help.

The new Investment Fund is a move that opens important horizons for the economy, as he said, and it starts with a capital of 260 million Euros with an expected impact on the actual economy of over 1 billion Euros.


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