Troubles in Greece: The EU orders Greece to accept a lot more...

Troubles in Greece: The EU orders Greece to accept a lot more migrants

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UK Only Article:  standard article Fly Title:  Troubles in Greece Rubric:  A country in dire fiscal straits may have to bear an even greater refugee burden Location:  ATHENS Main image:  20160213_eup505.jpg GREECE has had a miserable year. In 2015, even as the country was getting its third bail-out in five years, it was deluged by over 800,000 Middle Eastern migrants passing through on their way to northern Europe. This year has not started off much better. Another 1m migrants are expected to make their way to Europe once the weather improves, most of them across the Aegean sea. On February 10th the European Commission outlined a list of ways in which the Greeks need to improve their refugee facilities. Its strict demands, which are based on a ruling in 2011 by the European Court of Human Rights that found the Greek asylum system “degrading”, highlight the scale of the difficulties that the country still faces. First on the Greek government’s list of problems is managing the migrants. Under ...


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