Top Greek advisor to Tsipras in relationship with a woman diplomat at...

Top Greek advisor to Tsipras in relationship with a woman diplomat at Turkish Embassy

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αρχείο λήψης
Greek diplomatic authorities are faced with an unprecedented and dangerous foreign policy situation on account of a political romance thriller only encountered in spy novels.

In one of the most critical periods of Greek-Turkish relations, while Greek pilots are risking their lives with Turkey's frequent air-violation provocations, a high-ranking Greek
diplomat and aide to the PM has formed a relationship with a female colleague of his from Turkey, who recently transferred to the Turkish Embassy in Athens in order to be 
with him.  The two met in 2013, when the Greek diplomat was serving in Turkey, and she followed him to Athens in 2015, when SYRIZA assumed power.

The green-eyed Turkish Embassy diplomat Feyza, the daughter of a senior-ranking officer in the Turkish Armed Forces, has raised concern in diplomatic circles, even though
government authorities, who are aware that the two diplomats have been living together since last year, don't feel that there is any conflict of interest, and don't believe that the 
situation could pose a threat to national security. 

The couple's relationship has raised questions outside their immediate circle. At the Foreign Affairs Ministry, there has been talk about effects on a national security level.  
As one diplomat told Proto Thema: “This is a blatant case of conflicting interests,” though he said that it didn't seem to faze the Greek diplomat much, “perhaps because he
is very much in love,” as those in his circle also confirm, several of whom sent him ultimatums concerning the affair.

Foreign Ministry officials, moreover, have commented that the relationship violates national security interests by definition.  "From the moment it has to do with someone 
who holds a key position next to the prime minister, who is in a position to be able to know about and formulate secret plans for the geopolitical interests of the country, it 
poses a threat.”

The veteran diplomat has questioned whether the Foreign Minister and the Secret Services commander have brought the issue to the attention of the prime minister, even 
though the prime minister's office claims to be aware of the situation and monitoring it discreetly. 

Alexis Tsipras himself, however, has asserted his confidence in his close associate many times, whom he does not appear to want to distance himself from in the immediate 
future.  The aide is said to have made it clear that if the relationship poses a problem politically, he is willing to resign.  For the time being, he is enjoying both his relationship
 and his key government position. 


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