Thousands of pensioners forced to get by on 460 Euros a month!

Thousands of pensioners forced to get by on 460 Euros a month!

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Thousands of pensioners are forced to live on the threshold of poverty, following the implementation of the new provisions in the new Katrougalos law in accordance to the 3rd memorandum. Scores of low pension couples will have to scrape a living on a meager monthly income after up to 460 Euros of the special solidarity pension benefit (EKAS) was slashed. Not even pensioners adjudged 80% disabled will salvage the EKAS, according to the new law.

Mr. Nikos, a pensioner with 80% disability, is a characteristic example of desperation many low income elderly folk are facing since last Wednesday, when the new provisions where put into effect. He received 500 Euros from a disability pension plus 230 Euros EKAS, which he saw disappear when he went to the ATM Wednesday! His wife was receiving the lowest pension (486 Euros) plus 230 Euros EKAS, which was also cut. The couple will have to get by with 986 Euros a month, which means they will lose up 5,520 Euros annually, based on the new legislation, as they will be taxed as a family that earns more than the 11,000 Euro threshold per annum!


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