This is where Lempidakis was being held hostage! (photos)

This is where Lempidakis was being held hostage! (photos)

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The attic in which Cretan businessman Michalis Lempidakis was being held for the past six months had been transformed into a prison cell. Lempidakis, who was shackled with chains, was living the small attic, sleeping on a mattress while the confined area was sunless, as there were no windows. The photos show an old loom, a chair where one of the gang would sit and guard him. Meanwhile, the reports by that people involved in the kidnapping were still at large, were confirmed by police sources as the latter said that the composition of gang had changed over the past six months. Police believe that the kidnappers had collected intelligence on the moves of Lempidakis on their own without the aid of prison inmates.






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