The first woman pilot of Afghanistan seeks asylum in the USA

The first woman pilot of Afghanistan seeks asylum in the USA

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Niloofar Rhmani is the first woman pilot of the Afghan air force. Her courageous decision was applauded by the western world and she was awarded U.S. State Department’s International Women of Courage Award in 2015.


However, she was targeted by the Taliban who threatened her life as well as her family’s. That is when, according to the Wall Street Journal, she decided to seek asylum in the USA.


Her decision, however, infuriated the Afghan Ministry of Defense, as she filled for asylum as soon as her 18 month training was over.


“When an officer is complain and is afraid of threats, then what are common citizens supposed to do? She found an excuse for herself, but we have hundreds of educated women and activists that work and for them the country is safe”, said a spokesman of the ministry, urging the USA to reject her asylum application.


Rhmani was planned to return to Kabul on Saturday.
Even in facebook, very few had words of sympathy for Rhmani.


According to sources, tens of Afghan soldiers that went to the USA for training have disappeared in the last two years.



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