The Big (Greek) Short

The Big (Greek) Short

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In Big Short film a group of investors bets against the greed of the banks and what none believes that could happen: that loans will not be paid and Mortgage-Backed Securities will collapse.

In Athens there is an unknown war between small American funds and well-known investors (Prem Watsa, John Paulson). The first believe that they forecast correctly waiting for the increase and now they want to humiliate them. But, it is possible that the funds might take advantage of the political situation and proceed to pejorative speculation. And if this is the case, then supervisory authorities should examine it.

Greek and foreign investors received the new shares of bank sector in December and after 8 weeks a decline of over 50% was recorded.

According to managers, who expressed concerns at the beginning of the year, “the Greek market continues moving downward, until new political developments occur”. They also do not deny that all this could change dramatically after a positive assessment.


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