Tango-therapy for Parkinson’s patients!

Tango-therapy for Parkinson’s patients!

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The so-called “tango-therapy” helps patients to deal with everyday challenges in a better way.


It is particularly famous in Italy, especially the northern parts of the country. There are special Health Centers that are focused almost exclusively with “music-therapy”, which includes tango dancing as well as breathing exercises which help the movement of the patients.


The meetings last approximately 1,5 hours and the seasons take place once a week. “When we dance, we forget Parkinson’s. Holding your partner and moving, dancing with him, makes you feel more optimistic and strong”, says one of the patients.


So far, this Argentinian dance seems to help the psychology of the people involved, giving them serenity and a calmer way to communicate with their kin throughout the week.


Right now, there are 250.000 people who suffer from Parkinson’s in Italy and according to many medical predictions the number could even double by 2030.



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