Syrian couple proves that love is stronger than war

Syrian couple proves that love is stronger than war

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Syrian newlyweds decided to pose for their wedding photographs surrounded by the ruins of Homs proving that love is stronger than war.

Nada Merhi, 18, and Hassan Youssef, 27, married this week in the city which has been almost entirely destroyed during the five years of war.


Their wedding photo album will be very different than the one most couples usually have; this will be a reminder of the war which their love survived.

The groom is dressed in military uniform than the traditional suit and holds his new bride close in a setting where everything is destroyed.


These pictures emerged just a month after another couple posed for similar shots in the western Syrian city, as Daily Mail reports.

The photographer is Jafar Meray, who said he wished to capture the ‘stainless hopeful’ which remains in country devasted by the war.



Photos: AFP/Getty Images


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