Shocking ELSTAT data shows 7 in 10 are long-term unemployed

Shocking ELSTAT data shows 7 in 10 are long-term unemployed

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According to data released by the Hellenic Statistical Services (ELSTAT), 820,000 jobless Greeks are long term unemployed. They make up the 73.8% of the total of unemployed people in Greece, according to the figures reported in newspaper “Ta Nea”, while the report says that 9 out of 10 jobless people are completely in the margins as they are not receiving any kind of financial benefit. Only 10% of unemployed receive the unemployment benefit, while 1.5% of those registered as unemployed receive the extra 700 Euros per month. Over the last 6 years, 300,000 people have left abroad due to unemployment, while every jobless person is without work for two and one-half years. No members in 350,000 households have a job, while female unemployment is much higher (27.2%) than that of men. The highest rate of joblessness is found in the 15-24 age bracket with 46.9%). Over the 4 years Greece has been subjected to the two fiscal adjustment programs (2010-2014) there has been a 46/9% rise in registered unemployed people and a 45% reduction in those eligible for unemployment benefits. Finally, the figures show that over 7 billion Euros are lost in the social security system due to unemployment.


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