Running out of gas in Germany is illegal! Bizarre laws from around...

Running out of gas in Germany is illegal! Bizarre laws from around the world! (photos)

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“Ignorantia juris non excusat”, is a Latin legal principle adopted by most western countries, passed down by the Roman law tradition. It simply means that if someone is ignorant of the laws of the land, they are not excused. So whenever you plan on traveling around the world, you better do a crash course on the country of destination you plan to visit. As you will see from the following unbelievable laws and the penalties they carry for violating them you could find yourself genuinely in the middle of some bad holidays. So, take heed and and prepare yourselves for the some of the strangest laws in the world. One is in Greece:

Suspiciously holding a salmon in the UK

Parliament’s famous Salmon Act of 1986 states that it’s illegal to hold a salmon under suspicious circumstances.
Chewing gum in Singapore

Among the lengthy list of items that aren’t allowed to be imported into Singapore is chewing gum, a rule enforced in order to keep public spaces clean.
Naming your baby something weird in Denmark

If you want to name your baby something other than the 7,000 approved names,  you need to get approval from the government.
Recklessly biking in Mexico

This practical law was created in 1892 as a way to protect riders. However, no hands is still fair game.
Hiking naked in Switzerland

Swiss canton Appenzell was the first to ban the indecent act after a naked German man walked past a family picnicking in the Alps in 2009.
Being a bird perch in Venice

A fine of up to $700 is in store for anyone who feeds the pigeons in Venice’s St. Mark’s Square.
Whistling in Canada

The city of Petrolia in Ontario has a law that limits excessive noise.
Having your chickens cross the road in Georgia

If you own any chickens in Quitman, Georgia, it’s illegal to let them cross the road.
Wearing high heels in Greece

Leave your stilettos at home if you’re planning on sightseeing around Greece’s historic cities. High heels are illegal at certain ancient monuments because they can damage them, and because they often threaten preservation efforts .

Naming a pig Napoleon in France

The law no longer states Napoleon specifically, but instead says that it’s illegal to offend the heads of state by naming your pig after them.
Running out of gas on the autobahn in Germany

Running out of gas on the motorway will lead to fines —  basically, you should have known better and planned ahead, like any self respecting German.
Peeing in the ocean in Portugal

You can’t pee in the ocean in Portugal, though we can’t confirm or deny that anyone has ever been caught.
Getting someone too drunk in Australian pubs

Using water guns in Cambodia on New Year’s Eve



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