‘Quartet’ records the deficiencies on Greece’s proposed measures

‘Quartet’ records the deficiencies on Greece’s proposed measures

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The representatives of the Institutions question the efficiency of specific fiscal measures and forecast a 1-1.2 billion euros difference in government’s revenue for 2016.

The negotiations continue and although the ‘Quartet’ has not yet asked for new measures, they record their disagreements on the measures proposed by the Greek government, especially regarding the pension and social security reforms, and the Minimum Guaranteed Income. These issues are expected to be discussed at noon during the meeting between Labour Minister Giorgos Katrougalos and institutions’ representatives.

“There will be no deal, unless we agree on the social security issue” was ‘Quartet’s’ message to the government.

Moreover, executives who participate in the negotiations expressed their ignorance on the “deal” that Minister of Economy Giorgos Stathakis announced concerning an 1 month extension for the protection against distress funds of household and SMEs loans.

As it seems, the ‘Quartet’ is not convinced that the Greek government will be able to collect 1.2 billion euros from the proposed measures and record the deficiencies spotted in the measures, including 300 million euros from gambling, cutting 300 million euros on military spending, increase revenue by 300 million euros from insurance contributions, increase revenue by 300-350 million from other tax measures.


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