Police clash with anti-establishment groups in Exarchia (video-photos)

Police clash with anti-establishment groups in Exarchia (video-photos)

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Extensive clashes with police forces took place in the district of Exarchia, Athens, overnight when groups of anti-establishment activists threw molotov bombs and rocks against police units and lit garbage bins on fire. Police responded with the use of tear gas which, along with the high temperatures and the stench of rubbish created an unbearable atmosphere for residents in and around the area. Two police officers were reported injured. Alternate Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection Nikos Toskas had denied police workers the right to hold a symbolic protest in the Exarchia area, effectively reaffirming its no-go zone status. The riots started a little after 9pm when a group of persons hurled fire bombs against a special riot unit stationed near the Polytechnic on Patision Avenue. The situation escalated at around 11pm when another group attacked a police unit guarding the PASOK headquarters on Charilaou Trikoupi street, which resulted in the injury of two officers. A large part of Patision Avenue remained closed during the clashes before traffic resumed at 11pm.







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