Piraeus and Idomeni overwhelmed by stranded refugees and migrants (pics)

Piraeus and Idomeni overwhelmed by stranded refugees and migrants (pics)

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Thousands of refugees and migrants arrive in Greece, but no one can leave Greece to continue their journey towards other European countries, as they desire, since FYROM has closed its border with Greece.

Refugees and migrants flock to Greek islands, who are then transferred to Piraeus, which unofficially has been turned into a hotspot. On Tuesday morning Blue star 1 ferry arrived at the Greek port carrying 1,130 immigrants and refugees from Chios and Lesvos, while another ferry carrying about 300 people Rhodes and Kos islands is expected to arrive later today. The people arriving at the port are notified that they cannot cross the border and are waiting at the area of the port.

According to reports, the government is planning to distribute them to Schisto and Elaionas refugee and migrant centers.




The situation in Idomeni continues being yeasty with more than 5,000 people are stuck at or near the border with FYROM. Yesterday, Afghans refugees had occupied the railway lines protesting, when they heard that FYROM closed its border and did not allow them to enter. Police have removed the refugees now from the railway lines, while the 700 Afghan refugees are expected to be transferred to Athens by bus.


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