Nearly-naked models in car ad cause uproar (video)

Nearly-naked models in car ad cause uproar (video)

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An Ultra Tune Australia automotive ad showing two scantily-clad women putting out a car fire has become the most complained about commercial for the first half of the year -but it won’t be banned.
In a lengthy blog post, the Ads Standards Bureaus (ASB) said the ad which shows two women using a fire extinguisher to put out a car fire had dismissed despite being the most complained ad with 357 complaints.
The 11-page decision made by ASB did not find the ad breaching the code of advertising in five grounds which was discrimination, exploitative, nudity and health and safety. The 30-second commercial showcasing two women was the most complained about ad which saw ABS processing over 2,700 complaints from Jan 1 till June 30.
Discrimination and exploitation concerns made up the majority of allegations against the ten most complained about advertisements for the first half of this year, a similar trend since last year as well.



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