ND opens double-digit lead on SYRIZA in latest poll

ND opens double-digit lead on SYRIZA in latest poll

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According to the latest poll, carried out by the University of Macedonia and aired in Skai TV, opposition party New Democracy (ND) has opened up a double digit lead against ruling SYRIZA party. More specifically, ND received 28.5% against SYRIZA’s 17% to the question ‘who do you intend to vote for’. On the question ‘who do you think will win then next elections’, those polled responded in favour of ND (52.2%), compared to only 16% who said SYRIZA would win. 8 out of 10 believe the government is performing poorly and are pessimistic about what the future holds in store, as they estimate new harsh measures will be imposed. Golden Dawn (GD) have 8% coming in third, followed by KKE (4,5%), Democratic Alignment (3%), Centrists’ Union (2.5%), ANTARSYA (2%) and ANEL with 1.5%). Meanwhile, another poll by ALCO showed ND ahead by 7 points (24.6%) against SYRIZA’s 17.6%.


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