ND leader: To whom does off-shore companies amendment apply?

ND leader: To whom does off-shore companies amendment apply?

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The leader of main opposition New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, asked the government to stop playing games and tell the truth about the amendment on the article 178 of the omnibus bill passed in Greek parliament a few days ago. According to the article, MPs and ministers are allowed to own offshore companies located in tax cooperating countries.

Speaking at ANT1 TV channel he lashed out at the government and the prime minister saying “To whom does this amendment for off-shore companies apply? The government must answer on that”.

He also said that with the last tax bill approved by the government, “Mr. Tsipras does not protect the weak,” adding that the prime minister “is not a reliable person”.

Referring to his party’s policy, he stressed that “we need a Truth agreement with citizens” adding that “There is another way. We can achieve the same objectives by reducing costs and avoiding tax hikes”.

Mr. Mitsotakis also stated that he continues asking for election, not because he is in a hurry to become prime minister, but because he sees that his country is being destroyed.


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