Millenials vs. Baby boomers (infographic)

Millenials vs. Baby boomers (infographic)

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Born out of the social and economic situation in which they grow up, every generation has a different outlook on life. To see an example of this, one only needs to compare Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) and Millennials (between early 1980’s and late 1990’s). A recent global survey by Ipsos Mori has revealed the differences in perception of both generations – not exactly to the favor of the younger group.

As our inforgraphic shows, the words most associated with Millennials are ‘tech-savvy’, ‘materialistic’, ‘selfish’, ‘lazy’ and ‘arrogant’. In contrast, Baby Boomers can boast ‘respectful’, ‘well-educated’ and ‘ethical’. More damning still, even Millennials themselves agreed with the judgement. 44 percent said their cohort was materialistic, 37 percent agreed they were selfish and 33 percent admitted that in general, their generation was lazy.




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