Maziotis’ partner tried to set him free

Maziotis’ partner tried to set him free

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Nikos Maziotis, the leader of the Revolutionary Struggle guerrilla group, sentenced to 50 years in prison, attempted to escape from Korydallos prison.

According to reports, a helicopter carrying probably his partner Paula Roupa, attempted to land on Korydallos prison to help him escape. The helicopter, though, did not reach the destination, as police sources said, since the pilot reacted instantly when he realized that his plane could be used for an illegal purpose.

The helicopter was rented by a woman who looked like Paula Roupa and took off from a hotel in Hermione in Argolida heading to Thebes. According to sources, the woman asked the pilot to change the route and head towards Athens, Korydallos prison. The pilot reacted and the woman fired her gun two times, while the helicopter was in the air.

The pilot, though, managed to land the helicopter and the woman escaped leaving behind a blonde wig she was wearing. Police authorities and police counterterrorist elements are investigating the case.


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