Man turns pet cat into flying drone! (photos+videos)

Man turns pet cat into flying drone! (photos+videos)

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Many people have a very special relationship with their pets. When their beloved animals pass away, it is often quite difficult for them to cope with their loss. But what this guy did, well…let’s say offers a different perspective to what you can do with your pets once they die. Meet Bart Jansen, a 36-year old solar panel fitter from the Netherlands. He has kids and in his spare time turns dead animals into remote control vehicles! Yes, you heard right.



After that success, Jansen got more ambitious. In 2013, his next project was again using a taxidermy animal as its base — but a far larger one. Jansen asked around local farms for a suitable animal, and one eventually got back to him with news of a recently deceased candidate: an ostrich.


It all started in 2012, when his cat Orville was hit by a car. Jansen decided it would be a shame to simply bury his feline friend, so he drew inspiration from his pet’s namesake, Orville Wright, one of the Wright brothers and turned him into a custom quad-copter! According to the Los Angeles Times, the unconventional drone caused “global outrage” after footage of it went viral. The “Orvillecopter,” as Jansen calls it, was subsequently exhibited as the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam.






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