Man arrested after turning 16 y.o girl into ‘sex slave’

Man arrested after turning 16 y.o girl into ‘sex slave’

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Greek police have arrested a 45-year old man in Athens on charges of repeated rape of a minor and possession of drugs. The man, who owns a coffee shop, allegedly raped a 16 year old girl who was working as a waitress at his shop multiple times after drugging her. Police were led to the man after the teenage girl, who had deserted her home for unknown reasons, reached out to her parents, who in turn informed authorities about her whereabouts and situation. The 16 year old girl, who knew the coffee owner, found refuge at his house on the condition that she would work as a waitress at his shop. The man started making sexual passes at the teenager, who resisted. He finally forced himself upon her after drugging her with marijuana. The parents of the young girl confronted the man at his house and shop, but he threatened them and the teenage girl, if they bothered him again. Finally, police arrested him after at his house where 110 grams of marijuana was found.


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