London fire – Mum who broadcast hell live is still missing along...

London fire – Mum who broadcast hell live is still missing along with her two kids (VIDEO)

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The mum who shot a chilling Facebook Live whilst trapped on the 24th floor of a blazing inferno is still missing, along with her two young kids.

Rania Ibrham, 30, could be heard begging for help as her frantic neighbours try to flee through smoke-filled corridors.

Her pal Suhair Sharif, 55, told the website: “Rania lived with her husband and children on the 24th floor.

“Her husband was in Egypt but he flew back as soon as he heard the news.

“Rania made it down to the floor below to my other friend’s flat, but Rania, her two children and my friends on the 23rd floor are all still missing.”

The harrowing Facebook Live footage shows the woman inside her home as residents bang on doors to avoid being burnt alive.

Speaking to another woman, Rania, is told not to open the front door as it will “let the smoke in”.

The woman then says: “You have your children, standing near the door, the smoke is not going to help you”.

Rania then pulls the front door open to a corridor plunged into darkness as her neighbours run through the smoke.

She shouts out “hello, come here, come here” as she cries to someone inside her home that the “people need to be let in”.

Shocking footage shows the woman, who is believed to be praying, on her balcony as screams can be heard in the background during the horror.

Another woman screams “we’re stuck on the 23rd floor…there’s too many people stuck upstairs” as the fire ravages the 24-storey building.

Sirens ring out as Rania speaks in Arabic with a shaking voice, her camera trained onto the ground 23 floors below her.



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