Italy’s new Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni

Italy’s new Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni

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The prime minster designate of Italy has kept on several officials and lawmakers from the outgoing government of Matteo Renzi, including its ex-interior minister.

Paolo Gentiloni's government will focus on reforming Italy's electoral laws and fortifying its banking sector.

In his center-left Democratic Party-led government, Gentiloni's cabinet members will include Justice Minister Andrea Orlando and Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti, who will
retain the positions they held in the Renzi administration.

Angelino Alfano, the leader of a small center-right party who had served as Renzi's interior minister, will stay on in the Gentiloni cabinet as foreign minister, and Pier Carlo 
Padoan will retain his position in the new government as finance minister.  Under Renzi, he had attempted to save Italy's third largest bank, Monte dei Paschi – the world's 
oldest surviving bank – from collapsing.

Gentiloni has pledged to focus on reforming Italy's electoral laws, an issue that had been left open following Renzi's defeat in the constitutional referendum a week and a half 

Prior to Gentiloni’s unveiling of his new cabinet, the leftist opposition party Five Star Movement (M5S) said it had not taken part in consultations over Gentiloni’s government, which it described as a “charade.” 5SM’s leader, Beppo Grillo, said: “They can continue with their consultations, their sad and worn out rituals … We will appear in a public square and we will hold a parliamentary session there: it is going to be a flash mob for democracy.”

Source: DW


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