International media on Tsipras visit to Berlin

International media on Tsipras visit to Berlin

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International media weighed in Greek PM Alexis Tsipras’s meeting with German Chancellor Angel Merkel, with title such as “Tsipras presents his arguments to intransigent Merkel”, used by French publication “Le Figaro”. The Greek economic crisis remerges in European press headlines, with “Le Figaro” pointing out that Tsipras adopted the same line as in the past. German magazine “Focus” writes Greece is suffocating under the refugee crisis, adding that both leaders adopted a unifying stance despite the different opinions and problems. Website says the two leaders did not talk about the issue of the Afghan migrant who left Greece and murdered a German official’s 19-year-old daughter, focusing on economic reforms and the refugee crisis. Finally, German “Bild” noted that Tsipras briefed Merkel on his decision to give out financial benefits to low-income pensioners.




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