How are millemnials using electronic media? (infographic)

How are millemnials using electronic media? (infographic)

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Millennials, i.e. the first generation of “digital natives” born roughly between 1980 and 2000 (depending on who you ask), are a much coveted group for marketers as they are not only the next generation of mainstream consumers, but also reaching a stage in their lives where they have money to spend.

Millennials are considered a highly engaged group, using technology throughout the day, wherever they go. Considering this, it shouldn’t be a problem for brands and advertisers to reach them. They may however need to depart from familiar paths in order to do so.

For many decades, TV advertising has been the go-to strategy for brands trying to reach a large audience. This strategy may no longer work with millennials, as our chart illustrates. According to Nielsen data, U.S. adults between the age of 18 and 34 watch significantly less TV than those aged 35 and older. On average, millennials watch 19 hours and 18 minutes of TV per week, compared to 34 hours and 32 minutes for all U.S. adults.

source: statista



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