Happiness in Europe: Hell is other people, for Swedes

Happiness in Europe: Hell is other people, for Swedes

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UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  The real danger of Brexit Fly Title:  Happiness in Europe Rubric:  What makes Europeans happy? It depends on where they live Main image:  20160227_eup504.jpg EUROPEANS can sometimes seem like a miserable bunch. The continent has produced downbeat writers such as Jean-Paul Sartre (“hell is other people”) and philosophers such as Slavoj Zizek (“What does love feel like? Like a great misfortune”). But although there are many reasons for Europeans to feel gloomy at present—from a migration crisis stretching from Greece to Germany to the possibility that Britain, one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe, may leave the European Union—many, instead, seem to be becoming ever cheerier. Most Europeans are, on average, at their happiest since the financial crisis. In 2008 76% of EU citizens said they were satisfied with their lives. That number is now 80%, according to the Eurobarometer survey, which has tracked self-reported happiness for over four decades. ...


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