Greek PM Tsipras phone contact with Turkish counterpart

Greek PM Tsipras phone contact with Turkish counterpart

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Greek PM Alexis Tsipras reassured his Turkish counterpart Binaly Yildirim that Greek authorities would quickly process the application for asylum of the eight Turkish military men who had landed in Greece on Saturday. According to government sources, Tsipras wished Yildirim a quick return to normalcy in his country, while he underlined the support of Greece to constitutional legality and democracy in Turkey. Tsipras added that the examination of the asylum seekers’ application would be carried out with the full respect of international law and human rights conditions. The two men agreed for the protection of peace and stability in the region, while Yildirim expressed his gratitude to Tsipras for the support during the difficult hours and the speedy return of the Turkish helicopter used by the 8 rebels military personnel to enter Greece. The rebel military servicemen had entered Greece on Saturday and requested political asylum after the failed coup attempt in Turkey by a military faction in the Turkish armed forces.


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