Greek government plans to cut military wages, non paper reveals

Greek government plans to cut military wages, non paper reveals

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As is in the position to know, the Greek Finance Ministry sent a non-paper to the Defence Ministry, Monday, requesting a plan for a new, downscaled payroll for military personnel, in an effort to save 300mn Euros. The Greek government recently signed the 3rd memorandum with its lenders, agreeing to slash wages in the public sector by 700mn Euros annually. The new payroll is expected to adversely affect the vast majority of 65,000 lower and middle ranking military officers, as analysis models by the Defence Ministry project cuts between 200 and 400 Euros in monthly wages, depending on the rank. For example, if a military officer is paid 1,100 Euros monthly, his wage will be cut to 850 Euros. The news has caused great concern at the Greek Pentagon, with officers saying that a further cut in their wagers would influence their morale and therefore the combat effectiveness of the armed forces. The military general staffs are in a flurry of deliberations to examine equivalent measures, like reeling in expenses in military hardware procurement programs, in order to avoid more wage cuts.


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