Greek Foreign Ministry says ‘Chams matter’ non-existent

Greek Foreign Ministry says ‘Chams matter’ non-existent

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Greek Foreign Ministry sources were clear that the ‘matter of existence of Chams’ is completely unfounded, responding to claims made by Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati on television that the issue was still alive. The same sources said the Chams had cooperated with the occupying nazi forces in WWII and after the defeat of the axis powers voluntarily left the areas of Epirus. ‘The constant stirring up of a non-existent issue by the official Albanian authorities does not serve bilateral relations’, the Greek Foreign Ministry said.

Chams were an Albanian-speaking population living in the areas of Epirus in southern Albania and parts of northwestern Greece. They had collaborated with the Nazi forces during WWII and after the occupying forces were expelled from Greece the Cham population followed suit.


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