Greek debt: The creditors do not seems willing to take any debt...

Greek debt: The creditors do not seems willing to take any debt relief measures before 2018!

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The Greek government is now preparing, just a few days before the Eurogroup on Thursday in Luxembourg, for a final compromise based on the French Finance Minister Le Mans proposal that links the Greek debt payments with the country’s economic growth.

The expectations of Athens will be analyzed by the Prime Minister at the Cabinet convening at 13:00′ today.

However, the ECB has limited the expectations from the upcoming Eurogroup, as officials are leaving wide open the possibility of an agreement on debt measures for the future.

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, from the Eurogroup’s side, in a letter to the Dutch Parliament revealed by “” he notes that, “the Eurogroup also underlined in May 2016 its readiness to take medium/long-term measures after the end of the program in 2018 and provided that the program is implemented in its entirety”.

This leaves little room for optimism that the creditors will keep their end of the deal, something that may bring a new economic dead-end for Greece and Europe, similar to the one in 2015, but this time with the responsibility lying entirely on the side of the creditors.

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