Greece’s Rich Kids are alive, well and flaunting their wealth on Instagram

Greece’s Rich Kids are alive, well and flaunting their wealth on Instagram

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In the 20th century — as recent as 16 years ago — the young and wealthy had the misfortune of social media not having been invented yet so they could show everyone exactly how loaded they were.


Today, being able to flaunt one’s wealth has never been easier for the children of the rich, amplifying the effect they want their opulence to have with minimum effort.
In Greece, ostentacious displays of wealth are so much of a phenomenon, that Britain’s Daily Mail recently dedicated an entire piece to the topic of the Rich Kids of Greece Instagram account, a new and elitist social network exclusively for the children of Greece’s most affluent, which “offers a window into the lives of wealthy young millennials living in the sun-soaked Mediterranean country.”
With the motto “it’s boring to be rich if noone sees it,” ‘Rich Kids’ is substantially different from other social media, like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


One of the photos, depicting a gold Rolex watch, includes the caption: “The best gift from the best father.”


Bentleys, Ferraris, Porches and Lamborghinis come and go, but the Rich Kids of Greece don’t stop at cars. As the article says: “In other pictures, the rich kids show off as they drive speed boats, sun themselves on yachts, and put their feet up on private jets. Others pictures show them pouring champagne down their necks as they party in expensive clubs, and car boots laden with dozen of bags after designer shopping sprees.”


These golden millennials upload their pictures to Instagram, and tag the ‘Rich Kids’ account, which reposts the pictures so that they get to flaunt their excessive wealth and lavish lifestyles to the world.


La dolce vita.


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