Greece: One in three stores are closed in downtown Athens!

Greece: One in three stores are closed in downtown Athens!

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In the first half of 2017 the stores that close in downtown Athens are at a steady 28%, according to a survey by the Greek Confederation of Trade and Entrepreneurship.

More specifically at Harilaou Trikoupi the closed stores are 45,1%, at Ippocratous str. 39,3%, at Sophocleous str. 38,7%, at Stadiou str. 34,3%, at Panepistimiou avenue 33,9% and at Evripidou str. 29,4%.

Also, according to the survey, the area of ​​the capital’s center with most closed shops is the Exarheia area with 35%, followed by Stadiou, Panepistimiou and Acadimias the 33%, which however show a slight improvement. The “commercial triangle” presents the smallest percentage of closed enterprises compared to other commercial areas (23%), which is stable compared to last year’s record. Next comes Kolonaki, where the image improved (23%) compared to the previous record.

The main conclusions from the survey of the business activity and the recording of closed enterprises in Athens’ central trading markets, as recorded in the survey of the Institute of Commerce and Services of the ESEE for the first half of 2017, can be summarized as follows:

– Stagnation of closed enterprises to 28%
– Stabilization of the restaurant and food services industry and hindering of the trend of expansion of the retail and other business
– Slight contraction of the retail clothing industry compared to other retail sub-sectors
– Small increases in shoe retail shops and pharmacies
– Slight increase in other retail sectors


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