Germany: Bundesbank is stockpilling gold in an unusual rate?

Germany: Bundesbank is stockpilling gold in an unusual rate?

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Germany is filling up the country’s vault with gold. The reason seems to be that the German gold stored in the American Central Bank FED and in the French Banque de France, is returning to the country. Out of the 3.381 tons Germany plans to have half back inside the country by 2020.

Up until 2012 only 31% of the country’s gold was actually inside Frankfurt. But are these 1.036 tons of gold safe? This is the question that CSU MP Peter Gauweiler asked Süddeutsche Zeitung. The 270.000 bars of gold represent the second larger reserve in the world.

Gold ingots are on display during a press conference of Germany's Central Bank in Frankfurt, Wednesday Jan. 16, 2013.  Germany's central bank is to bring back home some US $36 billion ( 27 billion euro)  worth of gold stored in the United States and France. The Bundesbank said in a statement Wednesday that it will repatriate all 374 tons of gold it had stored in Paris by 2020. An additional 300 tons - equivalent to 8 percent of the Bundesbank's total reserves worth about US  $183 billion  will also be shipped from New York to Frankfurt. Frankfurt will hold half of Germany's 3,400 tons of gold by 2020, with New York retaining 37 percent and London storing 13 percent.  The move follows criticism from Germany's independent Federal Auditors' Office last year bemoaning the central bank's oversight of gold reserves abroad.(AP Photo/ dpa/ Frank Rumpenhorst)

(AP Photo/ dpa/ Frank Rumpenhorst)

In the 50s and 60s Germany bought large quantities of gold from the American Central Bank. During the Cold War Germany wanted the country’s reserve in gold to be outside Europe. But after the circulation of Euro many started arguing of the need for the country’s gold to come back, as it is happens now.


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