Gazprom – Ε.U.: No agreement on natural gas pricing yet

Gazprom – Ε.U.: No agreement on natural gas pricing yet

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The Russian Gazprom given a set of proposals to the EU in order to solve the five year dispute on the pricing of natural gas.


The state company that provides a third of the total natural gas used in the EU, was targeted since 2012 with the accusation of its monopoly practices. On 2015 the EU went one step further accusing the company of overcharging countries of central and eastern Europe. Gasprom offered a set of plans for compensation that could reach 10% of the company’s international turnover.


The Russian company did not disclose any details regarding the proposal. The Gasprom vice-president Alexander Medvedev, stated that the company is ready to take into consideration the criticism of the EU where it is well documented and as long as it is possible.


On behalf of the EU, it was confirmed that a move like that took place and it was under consideration. The Commission’s spokesman pointed out, however, that in order for the agreement to move on, the free flow of gas to central and eastern Europe must be secured in competitive prices.



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