Farage gives customary post-terror attack roast of Britain’s stance on Islam (VIDEO)

Farage gives customary post-terror attack roast of Britain’s stance on Islam (VIDEO)

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Former UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage has come out swinging at the British government’s empty words and lack of action following yet another terror attack in the country.

As Breitbart reports, Farage appeared on Fox & Friends today to slam London Mayor Sadiq Khan for telling Londoners “not to be alarmed.”

“I understand the mayor wishing to not spread panic but what I would like to hear is him say: ‘As the first Muslim mayor of London, I’m going to do all I can to work with the Muslim community to drive out the extremist preachers from our mosques. To do all we can to stop radicalization happening in schools and in prisons,” he said.

“I did not hear a single word of that.”

Farage also directed criticism at British Prime Minister Theresa May over her statement in response to yesterday’s attacks in London.

“They were stronger words than we’ve heard before,” he said. “Usually after one of these attacks we just get hand-wringing and talk of solidarity.”

“She did say ‘enough is enough’ but I argue very strongly that we should’ve reached that conclusion many years ago. And let’s not forget – she was the home secretary. She was the person in charge of our homeland security for six years staring in 2010.”

“When she says that we’ve made significant progress over the past few years, I think that’s wrong,” he continued.

“I think what we need to do today is to recognize we have not stopped radicalization taking place in our schools, prisons and mosques.”

“This is now the third terrorist incident that has happened in my country… over many months,” he went on to say. “The mood that I get now is, we want some real action. We don’t just want speeches given outside number 10 Downing Street.”

“And if we don’t get action then the calls for internment will grow.”

The attack occurred just two days prior to the two-week anniversary of the deadly bombing at Manchester Arena which killed 22.



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