EU Foreign Ministers convene in Brussels on Turkey crisis

EU Foreign Ministers convene in Brussels on Turkey crisis

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European Commission Vice President and HR of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Frederica Mogherini warned Turkey to refrain from adopting punitive actions against the rebel military group that could jeopardise constitutional laws in the country after the failed military coup on Friday. The EU Foreign Ministers, along with US Secretary of State John Kerry, are meeting in Brussels, Monday to discuss the Turkish crisis. The Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has unleashed sweeping purge of military and judicial personnel after foiling the military coup and regaining control of the country. ‘We were the first to to state the need for the protection of the legal structures in Turkey on the tragic night’, Morgherini told reporters while attending the meeting. ’Today we state that legality must be safeguarded in Turkey. There is no excuse for any steps that will lead the country astray from this’, Morgherini stressed. The role of Turkey in the fight against ISS in Syria and the refugee crisis, are expected to be on the table of discussion during the meeting.


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