Erotic encounter on mountain caught on camera (photos)

Erotic encounter on mountain caught on camera (photos)

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A lustful couple were caught on camera having sex on a mountain slope in El Salvador known locally as the ‘Door of the Devil’.
This impassioned pair were filmed revelling on the tourist attraction spot overlooking Panchimalco in El Salvador. They were so caught in the heat of the moment that they were unaware someone was shooting them and their sexual encounter would be shared on social media with thousands. The couple – who have not been identified – were seen by astonished walkers on another peak who snapped the lovers in the height of passion and uploaded the image.
The girl is seen with her trousers off while her partner kneels between her thighs.
Internet commentators were quick to share their views.
Alexander Nonvers said they should “pay for a motel”, while another Andres Sanchez revealed: “I did it too – die happy.”
A third called ‘Dalila from Valencia’ commented: “Ah I think whoever uploaded this is jealous haha.”



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