Dijsselbloem: Greece still needs to implement pending measures

Dijsselbloem: Greece still needs to implement pending measures

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As the Greek government is desperately scrambling to avert a failure in negotiations, EuroGroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem underlined the requirements pending of the agreed 140 conditions for the second review of the Greek bailout program to conclude in a letter sent to the Dutch parliament. In his latter to his country’s parliament, Mr. Dijsselbloem informed MPs of the May 22 results of the EuroGroup on the Greek matter and underlined that before Greece can receive next package it would need to complete all the requirements within the next week. Once Greece implements the measures a compliance report will be drawn up by the European Commission which in turn will lead to the release of the next tranche. Regarding the Greek debt, the EuroGroup President underlined in his letter that reiterating the decisions reached in May 2016 that the debt would be included in any talks only after the completion of the current program


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