Cyprus: No solution with Turkish troops on the island

Cyprus: No solution with Turkish troops on the island

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The Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades answered to the statements of the Turkish-Cypriot leader Moustafa Akinci by saying that no solution to the Cyprus dispute is possible with Turkish troops on the island and guarantors. Earlier mr. Akinci had answered a relevant question by saying that without Turkish troops and guarantors there can be no solution. This clearly indicates how difficult it is for the differences of the two sides to be bridged.

President Anastasiades said that he didn’t want to give any new information at this point, adding only that Cyprus will ask for those rights that every country can claim. When asked if the differences are impossible to be bridged, he avoided to answer by saying “it is best to leave things as they are” and that what he said what he had to say based on what is happening these days.

However, he pointed out that the National Council with all the leaders of all the political parties will be assembled and that Cyprus has common positions with the Greece. He also underlined the fact that the Greek-Cypriot must do whatever possible for the success of the negotiations, without deviating from the core principals and positions and that if the other side wants a solution they must realize that Cyprus’ place in the EU dictates that they must all follow the rules of the union of countries they are part of.


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