Closing Greece-FYROM borders will stem refugee flow, Kurz says

Closing Greece-FYROM borders will stem refugee flow, Kurz says

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If Europe closes Greece’s northern border with FYROM will stem the refugee flow into Europe, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has said.

“If the norther border is shut down leaving Greece for more than 24 hours with the refugees on its territory then its interest in accepting European help will quickly change,” Kurz said in an interview with TA NEA newspaper.

He said that he is in favor of closing Greece’s borders with FYROM, because this action would send the message to refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan that they cannot reach Europe, since the borders are closed.

“Refugees begin their journey when they know that they will reach Europe soon. If this prospect disappears, the number of those who set out will drop,” Mr. Kurz said.

“We must slow the refugee inflow. That can only happen if we stop them at some border” he said adding that refugees should be stopped at Greece-FYROM borders and not at Greece-Turkey borders, since FYROM is “willing to do so, but I am not sure if Turkey would agree on that”.


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