Brutal MMA knock out fractures scull (literally)! (warning: graphic photos!)

Brutal MMA knock out fractures scull (literally)! (warning: graphic photos!)

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is undoubtedly a very brutal sport. Proponents of the sport argue that while it is extremely rough athletes are protected in the cage with referees always ready to intervene and safeguard their physical wellbeing. But the ‘crushing’ (literally) knockout defeat MMA fighter Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos suffered at the hands, or more accurately by a flying knee, of his opponent Michael Page on Saturday night, would make the supporters of the sport reconsider. Santos sustained an indent in his scull where Page’s knee landed, with the shocking proof posted later by him on instagram. The photos of an x-ray taken later in hospital show his scull fractured, with doctors saying the injury could have been life threatening! Doctors said there is still a fear that his brain will keep swelling.



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