Brexit camp leads in new Guardian phone poll

Brexit camp leads in new Guardian phone poll

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According to a phone poll conducted by ICM for British newspaper ‘Guardian’, 45% of those asked said they favoured the UK exiting the European Union compared to 42% who said they preferred the country remained in the EU. Most phone polls until Friday gave suggested the majority of Brits were against a Brexit, while a poll carried out in May by the same company indicated those in favour of the UK staying in the EU were ahead by 8 points. ICM said it was the first survey it had conducted that showed a lead for the Brexit camp. In another online survey by ICM 47% were in favour of a Brexit in comparison to 44% who wanted to stay in the EU. Both polls took place between May 27 and 29 on a sample of 1,004 people over 18 for the phone poll and 2,052 for the online survey.


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