Angry Netanyahu rejects ‘shameful’ UN resolution

Angry Netanyahu rejects ‘shameful’ UN resolution

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is infuriated by UN Security Council’s Resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.


He characterized the motion “shameful” and called the ambassadors of the Security Council countries to rebuke their decision.


Netanyahu described the Resolution as an “ambush” by President Obama against Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister is angered by the fact that the USA did not veto the motion as they had the right to do.


He also added that he is looking forward to cooperating closely with “his friend” President-elect Donald Trump.


The Israeli President stated that he told John Kerry that “friends don’t take their friends to the UN Security Council” and that “we are entering a new era and as the President-elect Trump said yesterday, this is going to happen much quicker than people think. In this new era, there is a high price for those trying to harm Israel.”



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